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Website + App

80€ / M plus VAT. 700€ one-off

1 x Menu

Order app

One pager

Multi location

0% commission

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How can I turn my website into an effective sales channel for food?

Our online ordering system helps you transform your website into a money-making machine. By integrating our tools, you can convert visitors to your website into regular customers.

  1. What are the costs associated with using the online ordering system?

Our services allow you to accept unlimited orders free of charge, regardless of your business growth. There are no commissions involved.

  1. How can I get more orders?

Our system provides easily recognizable restaurant widgets that make it easier for your customers to place orders on your website. The easier the ordering process, the more customers you will attract and retain.

  1. How can I build a strong online presence?

We not only offer an online ordering system but also the ability to create a fully functional restaurant website within seconds, without the need for programming knowledge.

  1. How can I accelerate my success?

Our system allows you to receive your first orders online within minutes. With just a few steps, you can create an account, add restaurant widgets, and confirm orders through our app.

  1. How easy is it to use the system?

Our online ordering system is user-friendly and intuitive. You can accept orders from your website, Facebook page, or your own app – all easily through your smartphone or tablet.

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