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1. Applicable laws in the B2B sector: In the B2B sector, the applicable laws apply, which means that the rules and agreements between the business partners are determined on the basis of the legal requirements.

2. Non-revocable order: Unlike private individuals, orders placed in the B2B sector cannot be revoked. Orders once placed are binding and cannot be canceled without further notice.

3. Start of Services: If we offer digital services, these will be implemented either immediately or at a pre-agreed time, depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

4. Exclusion of the cancellation period: In order to be able to start implementing the services promptly and to avoid the 14-day cancellation period, it is expressly pointed out that the 14-day cancellation period, which private individuals are legally entitled to, is in the B2B sector does not apply. This also applies to company orders that are not subject to the right of withdrawal for end consumers.

5. Declaration of consent: Customers who place an order online, by telephone or on-site or complete a purchase confirm by agreeing to the cancellation policy that they are waiving their statutory 14-day right of cancellation.

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