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of the responsibilities of hosting and maintenance a high performance website environment.

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Get access to the best tools and features to design and optimize your website. 


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Willkommen bei WordTune®! Wir sind Ihr zuverlässiger Partner für das Hosting und Design von WordPress-Websites.


We want to inspire you and are here to help you so that you have the best possible experience with us. 

Lukas Milan

Lukas Milan

I absolutely love the functionality of WordTune®. Registration was uncomplicated and quick. After registering, I immediately had access to my WordPress website and could start working straight away.

Dr. Ernst Bechinie

Dr. Ernst Bechinie

A thousand thanks:
Great cooperation: Highly professional, quickly solved a complicated case, efficient results. And also: I personally enjoyed the collaboration. My overall recommendation: Excellent.

Renè Linden

Renè Linden

I am absolutely thrilled. Until now I had my internet presence with a large German company and paid a lot of money for, as I now see, little in return. Here I only pay around 15%, I have great support and my homepage was transferred very quickly. If there was: 10 points

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WordPress plugins are like the secret cards up your sleeve. They expand your website mega and give you cool functions. Imagine being able to do things like SEO boost, eCommerce tricks, social media magic and so much more. Everything you need to send your site into the fast lane.

Our team knows its stuff like an ace up its sleeve. They are always there if you have questions or need help finding and using the right plugins. Just get in touch – we are ready to pimp up your WordPress!



Of course, here is the text with an optimized version:

Give your WordPress site a real style boost with premium WordPress themes. A theme is the heart of your look. It gives you the design you want and features that polish your site and make it perfect.

A premium WordPress theme is like the stylist for your website. The selection is huge and the quality is top. The professional designers have created something great to make your site look really professional. Completely according to your ideas.

Let’s take your site to the next level together. Our selection of premium themes is amazing and will inspire you. We know how important the right style is and will help you get the best out of your website.

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